Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rally Defi Montpellier

One great thing about rally defi is the opportunity to see residents, who you didn’t, had a chance to connect with during those relaxing summer months…
We had 20 degrees on the high, no mosquitoes, and no black flies which set the perfect atmosphere for this memorial event. At different points of the community small group’s gathered and chatter as excitement builds. It was an opportunity to enjoy some great local poutine, cold beer, French hospitality and meet and greet locals and welcome visitors to this small piscine village – we enjoyed the company of guest from Cheneville, Ripon, Thurso, Mont tremblant, Montreal, Ottawa and the United States.
Celebrations could be heard as far away as the Montpellier Golf Club some 3 km away.
The races got off to wonderful start with much anticipation from the spectators. Lot of cheers as the driver and their little rockets tour the community. The cars were unbelievable modify, the engines roars like thunder and the cars were incredible fast, they were decorated with beautiful colours. It was non- stop action from the start to the end of the races nothing short of total entertainment.

Cheers to the race car drivers, organizers and the many spectators who contributed to a well spend afternoon at the races at BBI Montpellier *.

Joint us again as BBI keep you updated with the many interesting activities at our different locations.

Montpellier is small village in the cottage country region it is approximately 90 km from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, 35 minutes drive to Mont Tremblant and Montebello, Quebec Canada.
The municipality includes the settlements of Montpellier and Lac-Schryer. Its western portion consists mostly of the Laurentian Hills, part of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve