Saturday, December 18, 2010


25 centimetres of blowing snow, -20 degrees below, freezing cold, most birds take wing south ,pretty sure the oxford dictionary would overwhelmingly define such conditions as hmmm winter! Did I say winter? Yes its winter! No doubt winter is here. So what are my choices: I could go south, turn the heat up or I could wish for better days?

Or I could join in on one of the holidays season famous sing-along “let it snow, let it snow”. Are you singing along with me? I do hope you are

 Why not let it snow so I can build a snowman, get out my winter gears and get out and enjoy the fresh snow and cool fresh air – or I can sit around the fireplace enjoying the cracking sound of the wood fireplace while hugging a large cup of hot chocolate or a hot cup of apple cider – see winter isn’t that cold and boring as you think. So what do I do?

Don't hibernate...celebrate winter pay a visit to the Canadian capital Ottawa and enjoy some of the city’s fine winter traditions such as:

(i)                 *Ice-skating on the 7.8 kilometres Rideau Canal - the world’s largest skating rink.

(ii)               **Enjoy a girlfriend getaway at Ottawa bustling urban centres

(iii)             ***Getaway to a secluded wilderness hideaways in the famous – Gatineau parks

(iv)             **** Winterlude in the Capital

* Whether it's skating along the Rideau Canal, visiting the outstanding museums or simply enjoying the comforts of your room, BBI Ottawa offers a perfect start to your winter experience. Located in the Nation's Capital and less than five minutes walk to the Winterlude action, this winter wonderland location will exceed your expectations.

**Grab a suitcase and your best friend(s) and take a road trip to this amazing getaway. With a list of shopping centres to explore - including Bayshore, Rideau and
St Laurent .These shopping centres has more than 200 of the biggest names in retail - there is never a dull moment. You can visit the By Ward Market Square and enjoy the specialty and artisan boutiques or sit and take great pleasure in enjoying your favourite meal at the many first class restaurants in the city.

***Gatineau Park is bussing with snow- shoeing, cross-country, nature walkers and downhill skiers with more than 250 kilometres of various trails winding through forests and along frozen lakes and river valleys, Gatineau park boasts one of North America’s most popular trail networks. Cross country skiers currently have access to 56 kilometres of compacted and groomed trails including the Fortune parkway, the Gatineau parkway and the Champlain Parkway

****For the first three weekends every February Ottawa celebrate winterlude – a winter festival in the nation’s capital that features ice-skating on the world’s longest rink, ice sculptures, a snow playground, concerts and many more events.

So get out the winter gears, sing along and enjoy the festive season in Ottawa.

 A thought I wonder how the oxford dictionary would describe -40 below, freezing cold, blowing snow and 50 miles per hour wind? Anyone like to suggest the definition?