Saturday, December 18, 2010


25 centimetres of blowing snow, -20 degrees below, freezing cold, most birds take wing south ,pretty sure the oxford dictionary would overwhelmingly define such conditions as hmmm winter! Did I say winter? Yes its winter! No doubt winter is here. So what are my choices: I could go south, turn the heat up or I could wish for better days?

Or I could join in on one of the holidays season famous sing-along “let it snow, let it snow”. Are you singing along with me? I do hope you are

 Why not let it snow so I can build a snowman, get out my winter gears and get out and enjoy the fresh snow and cool fresh air – or I can sit around the fireplace enjoying the cracking sound of the wood fireplace while hugging a large cup of hot chocolate or a hot cup of apple cider – see winter isn’t that cold and boring as you think. So what do I do?

Don't hibernate...celebrate winter pay a visit to the Canadian capital Ottawa and enjoy some of the city’s fine winter traditions such as:

(i)                 *Ice-skating on the 7.8 kilometres Rideau Canal - the world’s largest skating rink.

(ii)               **Enjoy a girlfriend getaway at Ottawa bustling urban centres

(iii)             ***Getaway to a secluded wilderness hideaways in the famous – Gatineau parks

(iv)             **** Winterlude in the Capital

* Whether it's skating along the Rideau Canal, visiting the outstanding museums or simply enjoying the comforts of your room, BBI Ottawa offers a perfect start to your winter experience. Located in the Nation's Capital and less than five minutes walk to the Winterlude action, this winter wonderland location will exceed your expectations.

**Grab a suitcase and your best friend(s) and take a road trip to this amazing getaway. With a list of shopping centres to explore - including Bayshore, Rideau and
St Laurent .These shopping centres has more than 200 of the biggest names in retail - there is never a dull moment. You can visit the By Ward Market Square and enjoy the specialty and artisan boutiques or sit and take great pleasure in enjoying your favourite meal at the many first class restaurants in the city.

***Gatineau Park is bussing with snow- shoeing, cross-country, nature walkers and downhill skiers with more than 250 kilometres of various trails winding through forests and along frozen lakes and river valleys, Gatineau park boasts one of North America’s most popular trail networks. Cross country skiers currently have access to 56 kilometres of compacted and groomed trails including the Fortune parkway, the Gatineau parkway and the Champlain Parkway

****For the first three weekends every February Ottawa celebrate winterlude – a winter festival in the nation’s capital that features ice-skating on the world’s longest rink, ice sculptures, a snow playground, concerts and many more events.

So get out the winter gears, sing along and enjoy the festive season in Ottawa.

 A thought I wonder how the oxford dictionary would describe -40 below, freezing cold, blowing snow and 50 miles per hour wind? Anyone like to suggest the definition?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest we forget - Remembrance Day 2010

Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the official end of World War I. On that date in 1918, all major hostilities of World War I were formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month".
This blog posting is dedicated to all our veterans. I could not find a better way of acknowledging and appreciating the ultimate sacrifice and contributions they made to world peace. My “thank you” is best said by John McRae in his poem **“Flanders Fields” -

In Flanders Fields
By John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row,
that mark our place; and in the sky
the larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lest we forget

**"In Flanders Fields" is perhaps the best known poem written during the First World War. Canadian doctor and Lt.-Col. John McCrae wrote it in May 1915 after witnessing the death of his friend, Lt. Alexis Helmer, 22.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Get out and enjoy.......... Fall’s colours

Fall is an amazing time, it is the season when leaves change to blue, golden, brown, scarlet ; when you add a mix of a scenic back drop with golden streak of sunlight shining through branches fall earns the undisputed title  as “the romantic season of the year”.
Canada’s capital city has a wide range of trees from Maple, Oak to birch with leaves that change to brilliant oranges, red and yellow in September through to October. These fall foliages tends to peak towards the end of September.
We took the opportunity to visit two great fall local attractions – the Gatineau Park and Mackenzie King Estate which is located in the Gatineau Park.
Our drive started from BBI Ottawa **, we drove about 15 minutes on the highway heading north west to a small town named Chelsea in the province of Quebec. From the centre town we navigate to a huge parking lot where we grab our running shoe and off we when to a great adventure. “Wow”!! Was the most common expression from the hundred of visitors to this national treasure: if you haven’t seen the leaves change colour during the autumns’ months, then you’re missing out on a true Canadian experience. Species of trees transform into gold, red and everything in between it was absolutely beautiful.

 The Gatineau Park
Located 15 minutes across the Ottawa River in Gatineau is the Gatineau Park –The Park offers a whole range of attractions and activities. It is particularly beautiful in the fall, when the trees put on an impressive show of colour. The park has 361 Kilometres of natural wilderness crisscrossed with forest, lakes, cycling, natural trails and stunning lookout which makes it a destination for romantic hangout.
Four of these lookouts offer spectacular views, including Champlain Lookout atop the Eardely Escarpment, with amazing views of two major Canadian geological formations - the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands

The Mackenzie King estate
The Park is home to Mackenzie King Estate, the beautiful country home of Canada's 10th Prime Minister, William Lyon McKenzie King. The estate consists of a number of cottages, a tea house, farm house and main buildings and remains a colourful part of Canadian history.
The estate had great English gardens, trails including my personal favourite the waterfall trails. You can learn about the famous ruins and even watch films on the life of Mackenzie King. This is great family getaway spot.

I wonder how many pictures are taken during this time in the Gatineau Park…..If only leaves could talk…..
Until then……

** While there are thousands of options for Romantic getaway , BBI offers the most intimate stay weather you are looking for a romantic stay or to rekindle your romantic fire – located in Central Ottawa and voted by numerous guests as the place to fall in love again and again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pirates are in town - BBI Prescott

Last weekend, I told the most important lady in my life, my 14 year old daughter that the pirates have landed. She replied” what?” I replied “Yes Capital Sparrow and his crew have landed in Prescott and I think we should go and see them”.
“I” being the operative word, as at the tender age of 14 as parent we have to seek an audience most of the times with our kids to hang out……and hope for a yes answer with much anticipation after they consult with their friends to see what on their agenda, fortunate for me I was awarded the moment (lol) and so I was blessed to have had the pleasure of hanging out for ONE FULL DAY in Prescott, Ontario on the St Lawrence with my little princess
The event was the 4th fourth Annual Pirates Day, at the Fort’s town Prescott home of one of BBI’s location. The town was decorated to welcome the visitors. Prescott welcomed visitors from both sides of the St. Lawrence River, we noted several sidewalk sales and great bargain along King Street and a few side streets. King Street the main street and the economic hub of Prescott was lined with small unique shops from speciality coffee shops to corner shops, from a small town square with a farmers market, to a few small town diners. This area was the centre of activities and attractions for 4th Annual Pirates day.
Great care was in the planning of the many and varied kids activities. Activities included:  Tattoos and stickers to celebrate the event, hanging with pirates, geo-caching (a new concept) it’s a modern version of treasure hunt using a GPS device, face painting, Giant air bounce, Magic and so much more.
Adults had the pleasure of Giant BBQ’s, Live Music, and Dancing and really cool side walk sales.
The main attraction being Capital Sparrow himself, enacted by a Prescott local - Major James Morrow Walsh, we enjoyed many photos shots and opportunity to visit the Tall ship which brought capital Sparrow to Prescott which was docked in front of BBI Prescott location on the St Lawrence facing the US town of Ogdensburg in the US state of New York.

I must admit it was fun for the entire family we had some great laughter and eat well from the local giant BBQ’s on King Street and the town square. Great job Prescott!!

Visit us on facebook for more info and pictures from this grand event:

See you soon

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rally Defi Montpellier

One great thing about rally defi is the opportunity to see residents, who you didn’t, had a chance to connect with during those relaxing summer months…
We had 20 degrees on the high, no mosquitoes, and no black flies which set the perfect atmosphere for this memorial event. At different points of the community small group’s gathered and chatter as excitement builds. It was an opportunity to enjoy some great local poutine, cold beer, French hospitality and meet and greet locals and welcome visitors to this small piscine village – we enjoyed the company of guest from Cheneville, Ripon, Thurso, Mont tremblant, Montreal, Ottawa and the United States.
Celebrations could be heard as far away as the Montpellier Golf Club some 3 km away.
The races got off to wonderful start with much anticipation from the spectators. Lot of cheers as the driver and their little rockets tour the community. The cars were unbelievable modify, the engines roars like thunder and the cars were incredible fast, they were decorated with beautiful colours. It was non- stop action from the start to the end of the races nothing short of total entertainment.

Cheers to the race car drivers, organizers and the many spectators who contributed to a well spend afternoon at the races at BBI Montpellier *.

Joint us again as BBI keep you updated with the many interesting activities at our different locations.

Montpellier is small village in the cottage country region it is approximately 90 km from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, 35 minutes drive to Mont Tremblant and Montebello, Quebec Canada.
The municipality includes the settlements of Montpellier and Lac-Schryer. Its western portion consists mostly of the Laurentian Hills, part of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer at BBI Montpellier

Wow summer 2010 is almost over!

And as we approach the last long weekend of this summer, I'd like to reflect on the past season: The weather was great, it was hot, sunny (hey no complains) and it rained in between to cool things down and keep the plants smiling all summer long.

We spent the last winter renovating our BBI Montpellier, Quebec location “ the cottage”. This year, we enjoyed the company of Polish, American, Canadian, Russian and Jamaican visitors.

We like to update you with the amenities at this getaway location:
This two-story A framed cottage, with a magnificent lake view, it has 1,500 square feet of fun space. It includes a master and single bedroom on the second floor, one bedroom on the main floor and one bathroom. It has a combined open concept kitchen, dining and living areas with glass sliding doors leading onto a 12 X 25 deck looking on to Lac Shryer. The cottage is elevated, hence one enjoys a commanding view. The immediate area around the cottage is heavily wooded providing privacy from other cottages in the area.

Amenities : The cottage has an Afro-Caribbean theme and it is fully equipped with electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, propane and coal BBQs, Stereo/CD and DVD. Heat is provided by electric heaters and an air-tight wood stove. Cold and hot running water is provided through a pumped underground well that is regularly tested for safe drinking. Satellite TV and VCR/DVD are available in the large recreation room. More details at

You are 5 kilometres from Montpellier Golf course and 12 kilometres from villages such as Ripon and Cheneville.

Where is this place ? I can’t wait to go ! The cottage is situated on Lake Shryer in the Papineauville region 1 hour north of Ottawa¹, Ontario, the Capital of Canada and it is approximately 30 minutes from Mont Tremblant² golf and skiing resort.


I would like to thank all the visitors who participated in making this a very fun and successful summer season at our Montpellier location. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and that it was a memorable vacation at a place for you, in a place to remember.

Friday, August 27, 2010

About us

Bed and Breakfast International is member of the BBI group of companies

Bed and Breakfast International (BBI) Inc. is the proud flagship brand of the BBI group of companies and one of the most recognized in the global accommodation industry. We pride ourselves in providing a distinctive and assorted collection of international destinations coupled with superb customer service and the result is an extraordinary experience in “a space for you, in a place to remember”.
            Our collection of accommodation includes a series of Bed and Breakfast properties, lodges, guest houses, Inns and condo resorts in North America. Located in some of the North America’s most sought after destinations, our guests and potential guests can easily access our website to find a location that will match their specific need. Whether you are looking for a cottage in Quebec, Canada, an executive suite in New York or a beautiful room at one of our bed and breakfast locations in Ontario, Canada or sunny Los Angeles, California BBI has a space for you.
           Visitors to our websites will be provided with new and exciting additions to our list of existing destinations.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a space for you, in a place to remember.

Value Statement
Our promise to our customer is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Today BBI is a growing organization with locations in Canada, United States, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece.

Building upon our inimitable strengths and international reputation, we aim to become an unmatched global presence as we expand our brand worldwide, we are committed to our core values of providing “a space for you, in a place to remember”.

We welcome you and hope you will enjoy your stay!