Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cottage Rental

Cottage Rental | Chalet Quebec | Quebec Cottage Rent | Quebec Cottages | Quebec Vacation

This rustic getaway is an ideal location for family vacations, Fall Getaway or a touring Quebec Vacation. Located in the delightful province of Quebec it is thirty five (35) minutes from Mont Tremblant and Montebello Resorts which makes it an affordable location yet great for day trips such as golfing, skiing, boating, fishing and outdoor nature walks.

This chalet has an afro Caribbean interior theme with three carpeted bedrooms including a Master bedroom with a magnificent view of the lake. It boosts a full kitchen, Washroom, hardwood floors, living room and decks.

It has private access to the lake, with a private dock for boats, canoes and sea doo’s.

Chalet Quebec

It is private and secluded cottage with acres of mature mountainous trees which makes it suitable for Romantic Getaways Honeymoon Hideaways or simply a weekend Quebec Cottage Rental. Visit us today to create your moments.

Chalet Quebec

The Amentinies this Quebec Cottage Rental offers includes: comfortable beds and clean linens.

• Modern main floor bathroom

• Fully equipped kitchen

• 1500 Square feet -with hardwood floors

• 1 Master bedrooms (with a private deck and a beautiful view of the lake)

• 1 Kids (child) bedroom

• 1 Guest bedroom (Equipped with a pull-out Bed)

• Opening windows

• Individual climate control

• Iron/Ironing board • Bicycles for daily adventures • Main deck with a view of the lake • Outdoor fire pit • Propane and coal barbeques

• Wood burning fireplace

• Private access to the lake

• Private dock for boats,canoes and see doo's

• Public Beach close by

Cottage Rental | Chalet Quebec | Quebec Cottage Rent | Quebec Cottages | Quebec Vacation

Friday, June 3, 2011

Race Weekend Ottawa

The Ottawa Race Weekend was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 28th – May 29th, 2011. The Race weekend brought more than 40,000 runners including many world class athletics to the national capital region. Visit our blog posting for more details on this world class event:  

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Ottawa Race Weekend 2011

The Ottawa Race Weekend, the premier running event in Canada will take place on May 28-29th, 2011 in downtown Ottawa. This truly popular and internationally recognized event welcomed more than 39,010 participants in seven races in 2010. This year the city is expected to welcome more than 42,000 participants and well over 150,000 residents and well wishes from across the country and around the world to this iconic event.

The Ottawa marathon and the 10K race are both recognized as a first class event by the International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF) the world governing body for track and field.

Each year top athletes and those who are working hard to be recognized battle earnestly to take home top titles. The games has a high respect among runners plus its high ranking on the IAAF index makes the rivalry more exciting.

 The Races are scheduled thorough the day on Saturday and Sunday with the main attraction and featured race of the event the Marathon kicking off at 7am.

History of the Ottawa Races

Started back in 1975 by 146 students from the Carleton University, the Ottawa race weekend has become the most visited, most attended and most anticipated community race event in Canada. It Range from 2k to the Marathon race; these events attract professional coach(s), top athletes, the average runner and the unwavering faithful runners and spectators across North America and the world.

The event was previously known as the ING RUN, ING Ottawa Marathon and the National Capital Marathon.

New to Ottawa Races

If you are new to Ottawa and wondering where the best spots to enjoy the races, my suggestions are:

(1)    Starting point  - Laurier and Elgin directly in front of the Confederation park

       (2)    Finishing           - Any access point on the Queen Elizabeth drive and along the Rideau canal

       (3)    On the way     - Sussex Drive the main racing route is a great place to enjoy and participate in this energising event

       (4)    Cool spots       -  Section of the city known as “china town” which is on Somerset Street can provide a commanding view of sections of the races with its newly build arch over the road way.

Location in relationship to BBI

From BBI Ottawa its 10-12 Minutes walk to Laurier and Elgin the starting point of the races. The Queen Elizabeth and Rideau Canal “on the way” points are about 5-6 Minutes walk from our Ottawa location. Oh and keep in mind that many of the roads will be closed to accommodate this premier events hence walking or biking (bicycles) are the best way to enjoy these events.

So “on your Mark”, “Get Set”, and “Go” ……… the 2011 Ottawa Races

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tulip Festival Ottawa

Tulip Festival Ottawa

The Ottawa Tulip Festival runs from May 6th, 2011  - May 23rd, 2011.
Come out and enjoy this great cultural entertainment,taste the exotic cuisine, explore new worlds,learn about other countries in the new international pavilion.

Monday, May 16, 2011


After two weeks of spring playing peek-a-boo and the sun finally taking its dominant role as king of the skies and with great appreciation we welcome and happily salute the return of the sunny and dry season.
May the 6th marks the beginning of the annual Canadian Tulip Festival   - An International celebrated and very popular flower festival in Canada. The festival is a reminder of a great friendship between two very great nations – Netherlands and Canada.
The tulip festival is the world’s largest; it is an event which is visited and attended each year by thousands of visitors from across Canada and around the world. Year after year visitors are astonished by the volume and the share beauty of this memorable event.
The annual tulip festival is a major event on the tourism calendar it marks the beginning of spring  - Its marks the beginning of the warmer and busiest season on the tourism calendar.

History of the tulip festival

During the Second World War princess Juliana and the royal Dutch family was granted safe haven in Canada after Germany invaded their country in 1940. After the war ended the Royal family gifted Ottawa 100,000.00 tulip bulbs as their appreciation for the safe haven Canada provided to them and the major combat role Canada and the allied forces played in the liberation of their home land - Holland in 1945.
Canada especially Ottawa held a very special place in royal’s heart as it was the place of birth of princess Margriet and Prince Juliana third daughter Princess Margriet the only royal to be born in North America.

Location of the main events

·         Commissioners Park - Floral Central
A very popular site, located at Dow’s lake a five minute (5) drive from our Ottawa location. The festive beauty of the tulip festival can be seen and enjoy pretty much all around the city, however the Dow’s lake venue has the highest concentration of the tulips along one of the city’s greatest land mark and tourist attraction the Rideau Canal. This venue is a must see.
·         Major hill Park
The major hill park, the official garden of Canada’s capital Ottawa is the main activity site. This year attractions includes:
1.     Extraordinary Kaleidoscope tulip beds
2.     Activities for the entire family
3.     International pavilion     -  An area represented my more than 20 Embassies show-casing their country and its culture.

Are you currently visiting Ottawa ? or planning to visit, please add the tulip festival to one of your must see and do event and fun is guaranteed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Check out this new blog posting from one of our guest blog on "tango" in Buenos Aires the Argentinean capital. Read more .........

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Our Congratulation to Prince William and the now Princess Kate on their very beautiful wedding sermon held recently in the United Kingdom. We are looking forward to welcome you to Ottawa Canada on July the 1st as we celebrate Canada’s Day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The tweeting and chirping sound from the returning birds, blooming trees, melting snow, rushing river are sure signs that spring has arrived. It’s that time of the year to slowly put away those winter gears and warm up to the changing season. With the winter officially behind us spring means getting ready for the summer, cottage life and family vacations. So let the summer season begins.
For most people cottage life involves sitting on the deck(s) with a cold glass of your favourite drink, or fishing at plus 25 degree in the middle of our quiet lake, BBQ ribs, BBQ steaks hmm those brown mouth watering goodies. Cottage life is the times we spend with our love ones and they translate to moments we can never forget.
Cottage Rental Quebec

Kids playing, supper on the BBQ are all very familiar characteristics of the summer months and are sure bet that the warmer months are back. A guest to our Montpellier Cottage once commented “The cottage is the place where we create great memories with our family and friends year after year.
Visit us today to make your own memories

About the Cottage (chalet)
Our two-story 1,500 square feet A framed cottage, which boost a magnificent lake view is a place filled with fun. It includes a master bedroom (with a private upper deck) and second bedroom on the upper  floor, one bedroom on the main floor and one bathroom. It has a combined open concept kitchen, dining and living areas with glass sliding doors leading onto a 12 X 25 deck looking on to Lac Shryer. The cottage is elevated; hence one enjoys a commanding view. The immediate area around the cottage is heavily wooded providing privacy from other cottages in the area.
The cottage has an Afro-Caribbean theme and is fully equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, propane and charcoal BBQs, Stereo/CD and DVD. Heat is provided by electric heaters and an air-tight wood stove for those cold nights.
Cold and hot running water is provided through a pumped underground well. TV and VCR/DVD are available in the large recreation room.
 You are 5 kilometres from Golfing, Spa and 12 kilometers from villages such as Ripon and Cheneville.
How to get there
The cottage is situated on Lake Shryer in the Papineauville region 1 hour north of Ottawa, Ontario, the Capital of Canada and it is approximately 35 minutes from Mont Tremblant golf and skiing resort and Montebello region.
A series of scenic winding roads through the Laurentian Mountains takes you to this, quiet and relaxing hideaway.
This location is ideal for families, singles, couples and even the explorers. At versatile cottage where you speed up or slow down your vacation as you like. You can enjoy many exciting outdoor activities close by like fishing, hiking, or boating; or simply slow things down to a BBQ on the private decks, or rest away in our hammock located strategically between two trees. 
As the end of the day approaches you can always roast marshmallows with the family in an outdoor fire pit while gazing at the stars so much to enjoy here  

Saturday, April 23, 2011


BBI like to wish you all a Happy Easter. As you and yours enjoy the season – We hope the joy of Easter and the happiness of the season fill your heart today and the entire year

Our Best wishes

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Vacationing

Vacation rentals are the newest and the hottest form of rental accommodation available today, their popularity and availability has grown exponentially over the last three years it is “now” the place to enjoy your holidays, honeymoons and romantic getaways. Many families are now choosing vacation rentals over other form of accommodations as they provide them with a homely environment, memorable moments and complete freedom while on their trip. I recently participate in a international travel seminar and I was amazed to see how the vacation rental industry as evolved in past 5 years. I learned a whole lot so I thought I would share the changes and what to expect in the vacation rentals Industry.

What are vacation rentals?
Vacation rentals are furnished accommodation which comes in different kinds such as luxurious condominium, cottage, apartment, tropical villas. They can range from 1-20 bedrooms and offer additional space such as a living room, dining room, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas including patios and balcony. They are available at pretty much any location from tropical beach fronts, in urban centres to romantic rural settings.

Why choose a vacation rental?
The main reasons vacationers choose vacation rentals are:
Easy Booking
·         Many vacation rental companies’ websites offer secure reservation systems, with immediate online availability and confirmation.
Peace of mind
·         More space – No need to cram the entire family into a single hotel room. It can be challenging to sleep, while other members of the family watch TV at night in a single hotel room.
·         It allows you to lounge around in your PJ’s all day
·         No housekeeping to boot you out daily at a certain time
More choices more places
·         vary in locations from beach fronts to city centres
Value for money
·         On a nightly basis they deliver exceptional value, especially if you travel with friends or as a group
·         The space you get relative to the price you pay is unbeatable
·         The Kitchen make a huge difference to the bottom line   - Eat in your own kitchen - It is highly beneficial from a financial point of view you save money by cooking your own meal instead of  expensive meals at restaurants, the tips, taxes and service charges all adds up.
·         When you stay in a hotel room you have to eat out 100 percent of the time

Home away from home
·         Your kids can play whenever and wherever
·         Offers unbeatable privacy  - You can request do not disturb for your entire stay

What are the limitations?
·         One limitation found in vacation rentals is the lack of 24 hours service staff but now this problem is address by many companies. Many offer the renters various services like hotels. These services involve front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, housekeeping, concierge service and more.
·         Before finalizing your stay know the terms as this could lead to misunderstanding and really unpleasant trips - things to look for: no pets, no smoking, no housekeeping, and no parking cleaning policies.
·         Security deposit issues - Rules about how you are refunded and what are considered as damages.

Now you are aware about Vacation Rentals – keep in mind such rentals when planning your vacation. Have a great stay.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will you marry me?

Do you take this lady to be your lawfully wedded wife? Yes I Do!
and Madam.. Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?  Yes I Do! …..
I am getting married in the morning, ding dong the church bells are ringing ……If you really want me and you really need me, then come on out and get me……lyrics from a famous 1980's hit song was all that played in my head as I was getting ready to visit the Ottawa’s 2011 Bridal show.

Bridal shows are here again these must attend events for engaged couples, their friends and their families provide “to be brides” a perfect opportunity to meet wedding industry experts to get the resources and knowledge they need to plan their big day.

Recently a friend and I decide to check out the Wedding Palace Bridal Show in Ottawa. The show had a full house of attendees, a great number of which were brides and grooms to be. We had a fantastic time meeting and greeting fellow attendees at the 2011 show, I could feel the excitement in the air, and you could not help observing those girly smiles and joyous out pour of excitements from just about all the female attendees. Love was in the air, it was so cute to see partners holding hands while trying to walk in single files. My conclusion   was the show was an amazing success – how did I come to that conclusion?

The Ottawa bridal show saw more than 2000 attendees it was the perfect prelude to 2011 Valentine Weekend. The show was held exactly one month to the most important day on the Romantic calendar - Valentine’s Day - Yes guys take note Valentine Day is February 14th.

This two day event was held at the Westin Hotel and featured more than 50 different exhibitors ranging from professional photographers to Caribbean destination wedding Vendors - This year features door prizes range from a chance to win diamond rings, jeweller gift certificates to all inclusive honeymoon packages.

Interestingly I asked myself the question prior to attending this event – “why would someone visit a bridal show?”

 Many people including I thought it was a obvious answer so curiousty get the most of me and off I went to answer this question that the world being trying to answer for decades (lol) ;  (– “why would someone visit a bridal show?”)My findings were:

v  People attend to day dream
v  Some attend because the other half invites them – which leave a hanging question – I wonder what is up? Is he planning to ask? – Should I say yes now - what should I wear in case he did!
v  Others attend to meet wedding industry experts to get the resources and insight they need to plan their big day.

Why did exhibitors attend bridal shows?

v  Generate leads
v  Bring awareness to their brand and to their services
v  Advertise to those looking for the perfect dress  
v  Seek to inspired by displacing the latest styles
v  Show case their brand and services through professionally choreographed fashion shows

So next time a bridal show is in your city, check it out they are so much fun.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

I like to take a minute to thank all our fans – including our Facebook, twitter, blog communities and LinkedIn supporters for your unwavering support for the past year.  I am honoured that you enjoyed the information we shared! And your feed back was irreplaceable as always, I invite you to ask questions and share any feedback you have as our business like everything else in the world grows on complaints, suggestions, pointers and compliments.

Most importantly, I hope you have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. I sincerely hope 2011 will be a glorious year, and that you will be rewarded with success for all your goals and objectives – whether it’s personal or business. We at BBI hope your 2011 endeavours will be filled with success, lots of relaxation and your creative mind will be expanded.

We also wish joyful spirit for you and yours, health body, lots of friendship and great blog posting from BBI :) 

Finally we all celebrate different things at different times and I hope whatever your beliefs are and how you celebrate will bring you great joy. I wish you much happiness, good health and success in 2011.
You didn't think I was going to end this blog posting without a sales pitch, did you? :)  Now that I got your attention. Just kidding looking forward to see some of you guys at our different locations this Valentine Weekend and during the staging of the Ottawa’s Winterlude festival also in February! Stay tuned for our next blog which is expected to be filled with information and …. Oops it’s a secret ….it is for you to find out!     Our thoughts for the New Year maybe you like to try it too “Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day."
---Helen Steiner Rice

Happy Holidays,

From the crew at BBI

Our warmest regards