Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pirates are in town - BBI Prescott

Last weekend, I told the most important lady in my life, my 14 year old daughter that the pirates have landed. She replied” what?” I replied “Yes Capital Sparrow and his crew have landed in Prescott and I think we should go and see them”.
“I” being the operative word, as at the tender age of 14 as parent we have to seek an audience most of the times with our kids to hang out……and hope for a yes answer with much anticipation after they consult with their friends to see what on their agenda, fortunate for me I was awarded the moment (lol) and so I was blessed to have had the pleasure of hanging out for ONE FULL DAY in Prescott, Ontario on the St Lawrence with my little princess
The event was the 4th fourth Annual Pirates Day, at the Fort’s town Prescott home of one of BBI’s location. The town was decorated to welcome the visitors. Prescott welcomed visitors from both sides of the St. Lawrence River, we noted several sidewalk sales and great bargain along King Street and a few side streets. King Street the main street and the economic hub of Prescott was lined with small unique shops from speciality coffee shops to corner shops, from a small town square with a farmers market, to a few small town diners. This area was the centre of activities and attractions for 4th Annual Pirates day.
Great care was in the planning of the many and varied kids activities. Activities included:  Tattoos and stickers to celebrate the event, hanging with pirates, geo-caching (a new concept) it’s a modern version of treasure hunt using a GPS device, face painting, Giant air bounce, Magic and so much more.
Adults had the pleasure of Giant BBQ’s, Live Music, and Dancing and really cool side walk sales.
The main attraction being Capital Sparrow himself, enacted by a Prescott local - Major James Morrow Walsh, we enjoyed many photos shots and opportunity to visit the Tall ship which brought capital Sparrow to Prescott which was docked in front of BBI Prescott location on the St Lawrence facing the US town of Ogdensburg in the US state of New York.

I must admit it was fun for the entire family we had some great laughter and eat well from the local giant BBQ’s on King Street and the town square. Great job Prescott!!

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